We provide advice on property/real estate acquisition and disposition. This includes but is not limited to conducting due diligence before property acquisition, drafting of instruments of conveyances (leases, Tenancy Agreements etc.), perfection of title (land registration, stamping etc.) Our experience in litigation is employed in this area to solve land related issues such as declaration of title and recovery of possession, Specific performance, Injunctions etc.
The Firm’s expertise in this area covers the following: Drafting of instruments such as Wills, Vesting Assents, Prenuptial Agreements, Powers of Attorney & Appointment, Trust Deeds, Letters of Administration & Probate etc. We also provide litigation services in areas such as Divorce, Application for Letters of Administration and/or Probate, Child Custody, Adoption, Maintenance Orders and related areas.
The Firm’s Managing Partner, Dr. Emmanuel Maurice Ankrah is one of the foremost authorities on Medical Negligence and Medical ethics in the Country having practiced extensively as a Medical Doctor since 1998 before his call to the Bar. The Firm has successfully negotiated and prosecuted quite a number of cases involving medical negligence to the utmost satisfaction of all those involved. The Firm’s expertise ranges from the initiation of law suits on behalf of clients or representatives of victims of medical negligence, negotiating for compensation on behalf of clients for injuries suffered as a result of medical negligence and defending hospitals that have been sued due to medical negligence. The Firm also provides training on best practices regarding Medico-legal issues to hospitals and likely organizations with the aim of avoiding or preventing medical negligence suits.
Our range of services covers the following: Drafting of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Contracts of Employment etc. The Firm also advises clients including corporate clients on labour disputes, negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Employment termination/Dismissals, Workers’ Compensation and entitlements etc.
The service here includes drafting of loan agreements, demand notices and recovery of debts through litigation
We provide advice on various corporate-related matters to both individuals and corporations. In the area of investments, the Firm offers due diligence services, advise on the various regulatory agencies, registration with investment agencies etc. We have experience in the drafting and reviewing of commercial agreements, Incorporation and Registration of Businesses, liquidation and Winding Up etc. We also provide Company Secretarial Services and in fact do act as Company Secretary to a number of our clients.
The team collectively has about 35 years of experience in active courtroom practice in all levels of the Judicial Structure, from the lower courts through to the Superior Courts. Our areas of litigation include Industrial Relations, Land, Criminal Defence, Family law, Debt Recovery, Medical Negligence, Corporate and Commercial litigation, Human Rights etc. Due to the Team’s immense experience in advocacy, we have also garnered expertise in settling highly contentious matters for our clients ‘out-of-court’ through the various ADR models.
The Firm’s Managing Partner Kuukua Maurice Ankrah is a Commissioned Immigration Officer who worked in the Legal Department, Migration Information Bureau and the work permit unit of the Ghana Immigration Service at the Head Quarters in Accra for many years. She has therefore built considerable expertise in immigration related matters such as the acquisition, extension or renewal of work and residence permits, obtaining immigrant quotas for investors and ‘foreign’ employees and legal representation of clients at Ghana Immigration Service and the Ministry of Interior inquiry hearings.
We offer services in insurance claims for individual clients.