KuukuaA Legal Consulting Legal Clinic Webinar: Dissolution of Marriage and Distribution of Spousal Property

This is the 2nd in the Know The Law Legal Clinics: a quarterly public education seminar on topical legal issues organized by KuukuaA Legal Consulting.

The topic for this Webinar was on the dissolution of marriage and distribution of spousal property and it was presented by Nana Kofi Bekoe, an Associate of KuukuaA Legal Consulting.

Due to a few technological challenges, we could not capture the beginning of the presentation on video. However the question and answer segment enabled Nana to touch on the beginning part that is not captured in this recording. That said, we have taken note of the challenges we had this time and believe it will not be repeated in the next webinar in September which will be on Medical Negligence. Thanks for joining us and please stay in touch with u. God bless you and your household. Amen.

Please watch excerpts of the video 👇


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